Bull Spread in GAIL

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Bull Put Spread

“Bull Spread” is our most favourite strategy, We combine it with some technicals breakouts, and they are giving us a very good returns.

So today we want to share one our BULL PUT SPREAD strategy in GAIL which we initiate on 6th September 2017.

Our Position Was:-

SHORT GAIL 390PE SEP Contract (One Lot) at 12.60₹

LONG GAIL 370PE SEP Contract (One Lot) at 3.90₹

Net credit we got around 8.70₹

Capital required for that around 1.20 Lakh


Gail gave us positive breakout on ICHIMOKU. IV is high so instead of making a BULL CALL SPREAD we entered in BULL PUT SPREAD. The reason was simple wanted a higher credit premium to eat due to time decay. and here we are standing with a profit of around 12,000₹. around 10% return in 6 Days. Don’t you think it’s a good return??


There are many other factors too which you should consider before enter any trade. which we will tell you in our next blogs. So stay tunes. and if you want to work on these strategies with us you can simply contact us. Thank you. Enjoy your Evening.

Note:- Every hedging strategy required adjustment if script moving in opposite direction. So if you don’t know how to manage your trade it would be little harmful to you.

DISCLAIMER:- Views posted here only for Educational Purposes. Don’t consider it as recommendations.

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Sachin Sival is the founder and CEO of Replete Equities, an options trading company that specializes in delta hedging. A self-taught trader, Sachin has a passion for volatility trading and stock trading. Sachin loves to hone his skills by reading up on new strategies and techniques as well as taking part in industry events. In addition to being a successful entrepreneur, Sachin also takes pleasure in photography - as a hobby.

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