Best Option Strategy in Glenmark After Quarterly Results

Learn how to use the reverse jade lizard, the best option strategy for Glenmark Pharmaceuticals, a leading Indian pharma company.

Best Option Strategy in Glenmark After Quarterly Results

Glenmark Pharmaceuticals is one of the leading companies in the Indian pharma sector, with a presence in over 80 countries. The company recently announced its quarterly results for the period ending September 30, 2023, which showed a net loss of Rs. 2.01 billion due to exceptional legal costs.

However, the company also reported a growth in revenue and operating profit, driven by strong performance in the US, Europe, and India markets. How can investors use options trading to benefit from the company’s prospects and hedge against the risks?

In this blog post, we will explore the reverse jade lizard option strategy for Glenmark, which is a combination of a short put spread and a naked call.

We will also explain the rationale, payoff, and risk-reward profile of this strategy. Whether you are bullish, bearish, or neutral on Glenmark, you will find this option strategy interesting and useful.

Best Option Strategy in Glenmark

Before we deploy any strategy, first we need to understand the chart of that particular script. Same as in glenmark also:

glenmark chart today

After quaterfly result. we saw a sharp decline in the Glenmark pharma. If you looks at the chart, you will find that overall trend looks weak on the chart.

Based on the chart, 805.55 is acting as the immediate resistance level and trying to give a breakdown from immediate support level i.e. 730.

Now lets looks at the Open Interest data to confirm the trend.

Glenmark Open Interest

By looking at the Open Interest chart, we can say that huge resistance buildup around 750 & 780.

Support is at 700 but you can see huge OI is available around Calls that indicates that people are selling huge calls compare to Puts and when people are selling Calls that mean? Share in the comment box.

Best Option Strategy in Glenmark

By looking at the chart and OI data, we can say that overall trend is down and Glenmark is trying to give a breakdown from it's important support level.

Reverse Jade Lizard is the best strategy for such setups. Let's have a look at the Best Option Strategy in Glenmark i.e. Reverse Jade Lizard option strategy.

Best Option Strategy in Glenmark

Based on the range we find in Glenmark, we are selling 700 PE & 780 CE and managing downside risk; we are buying 690 PE. Now you can see that we don’t have any risk on downside risk. But we have unlimited risk on Upside.

So, to manage that risk you have to follow some adjustments if you find that Glenmark is approaching your sold 780 Call option.

Possible adjustments

Once you find that script is approaching your sold call strike means 780, you can buy 790 CE to lock your unlimited upside loss. You can bring your sold PUT to a higher level to collect some extra premium.

Now when do you have to make this adjustment? only if you find LT above 2260.

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