3-Day online workshop

learn how to trade options in intraday Through Live Market Session!


February 11, 2023

07:00 PM - 08:30 PM


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What You’ll learn in this course:

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to trade options, then this is the workshop for you! Options offer a unique way to invest your money and build wealth. This workshop will give you the necessary knowledge needed in order to trade options successfully.

Options offer a risk-profitable alternative that many investors overlook due to their limited understanding of their underlying principles. Even experienced traders can fall victim to option traps due to a limited knowledge of their underlying statistical properties. 

However, through learning certain option strategies and techniques, one can limit these risks and increase their profitability with these instruments. In these 3 day live market sessions, you will learn about some of the most popular and effective way to trade options in intraday as well as how to manage your trade in different market conditions.

Day 1: Rule-Based & Trend Following Strategies.

For intraday trading via weekly expiry, we will study the most popular and straightforward intraday option strategies. I'll outline 5+ essential option strategies along with my Intraday income strategy that I've been employing for the past 3 years to make a monthly profit from options. Along with it, I will teach you how you can find intraday trend with the help of Open Interest data. 

  • Rule based option strategies with predefined entry, exit and stop-loss rules.
  • 5+ Intraday option strategies that I have optimized based on my experience.
  • Manual intraday selling through in-house build intraday trend following excel sheet.
  • 30 Hours+ Recorded Videos of previous live market sessions.
Trend Analysis and Trade placement in Live Market for 2 days

For the Next 2 days (including expiry day), we will meet in live market to analyze and execute our trades. We will have live discussion session so that you can get an idea about how I scan the market and find the intraday trend. You will also learn, how I choose my strikes and entry/exit points based on the intraday trend.

  • Market scanning in live market.
  • Intraday Trend Analyses with the help of OI data.
  • Which data point we need to follow?
  • Selecting strike and deciding entry price.
  • Exit plan and adjustments in the live market.
  • Trade plan for the day.

Step 1

You Book Your Seat!

Step 2

You will get confirmation on email id. 

Step 3

You will get instant access to learning videos and downloadable contents.

How it works?

After you reserve a seat, you will get instant access to the recording of previous session so that you don't need to wait for live session to start learning and trading. Links of all the PPTs, PDFs, and excel sheets are already there on learning portal. You can download from there. Additionally, links to our premium WhatsApp group and Telegram channel will be sent to you.

For the live class, you have to login again on portal and you will see the class link under chapter section.. If you miss the session, we will get the recording. Before participating in the live market session the following day, you can watch the theory and recordings from earlier live sessions.

Your webinar host

Sachin Sival

Sachin Sival is the founder of Replete Equities, an options trading company that specializes in delta hedging. 

Sachin Sival is a full-time trader and mentor with 10+ years of experience in stock trading. He specializes in delta hedging strategies and volatility trading. Sachin teaches thousands of retail traders how to generate passive income through option strategies.

Sachin loves to hone his skills by reading up on new strategies and techniques as well as taking part in industry events.


Take your Intraday trading to new level now!


Is it a Online of Offline event?

Through Zoom Meeting, it is a live market session where I will teach you how to use every strategy. I will share how I analyze market to find intraday trend, how I chose my strikes and decide entry point. I'll talk about how to manage that trade if any change in the real market.

If I missed to join the session, Will i get the recordings?

Yes, we will provide all five days of recordings through our learning portal, and each recording will be good for 15 days. After the event, we'll share the URL in next 2 days.

Can a begginer attend this session?

Yes, I will go through the fundamental phrases in the first session to help anyone who is just getting started understand the material. If you continue to experience problems, give us a call and we'll set up a one-on-one meeting to address all your concerns.

Language of the event?

In this workshop, I will blend Hindi and English but utilise English more frequently. and throughout the session, you can inquire if something is unclear.

What if i want to continue after 2 weeks?

If you want to continue after 2 week, there is small fee that you can pay to continue these live sessions. You can ask in the premium group or WhatsApp us at +917229945555

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